Arlington Heights Class Roster
(1967 - 1973)

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Created: February 25, 2004 Last Updated: February 25, 2004

Arlington Heights Elementary School
Citrus Heights, CA
Albert Wilburn
Annette Uglow
Art Coffman
Becky Harter
Brad Blevens
Brad Blevins
Brad Scott
Brian Higgins
Candy Schneider
Carmella Van Koughnet
Carri W.
Carri Wells
Carrie Sauer
Carrie Wells
Cathy Patterson
Chris Duran
Chris Rudek
Cindy Amache
Cindy Steinert
Clifford Trump
Cynthia Stienert
Daniel Rosson
Danny Freeman
Dave Homen
David Oblinger
David Schleeter
Debbie Wycoff
Dennis Schleeter
Diane Banks
Dianne Banks
Don Ferris
Donald Beasley
Dorothy Mckinney
Dorothy McKinny
Eddie Nelson
Eric Worlund
James Daniel
James Daniels
James Hamilton
James Roediger
Jay Whitek
Jay Witek
Jerry Bair
Joey Burns
John Master
John Masters
Joy Jennon
Julie Geistlinger
Karen Sheppard
Kelli Green
Kelly Green
Kelly Ingram
Kim Heyer
Kim Ingram
Kim Wilhelm
Kirk Harmon
Laura Iliani
Laurie Boushey
Leanne Stokes
Linda Hamilton
Margaret Gaona
Marietta Pounders
Mark Barker
Mark Goin
Mechile Davis
Melvin Saferstein
Mickey Roberts
Mike Baccarella
Mike Hranic
Mike Page
Mike Regan
Mike Scarborough
Mike Stewart
Mike Youngren
Miss Isaac, 3rd Grade, 1969-70
Miss Lamb, 1st Grade, 1967-68
Missy Gardener
Mr. Blankenburg, 6th Grade,
Mr. Grady
Mr. Roger Blankenburg
Mr. Shaw, 6th Grade, 1972-73
Mr. Tucker, 6th Grade, 1972-73
Mrs. Ahern, 1st Grade, 1967-68
Mrs. Brown, 5th Grade, 1971-72
Mrs. Burden, 2nd Grade, 1968-69
Mrs. Eberly, 1st Grade, 1967-68
Mrs. Eberly, 4th Grade, 1970-71
Mrs. Florence Brown
Mrs. Florence Brown
Mrs. House, 2nd Grade, 1968-69
Mrs. Lillya, 3rd Grade, 1969-70
Mrs. Marks, 3rd Grade, 1969-70
Mrs. Piper, AM Kindergarten, 1966-67
Mrs. Pam Capello, AM Kindergarten, 1966-67
Mrs. Prawl, 4th Grade, 1970-71
Mrs. Wagner, 4th Grade, 1970-71
Mrs. Weshels, 5th Grade, 1971-72
Nancy Collins
Pam Nelson
Penny Pfeiffer
Penny Pfeifer
Peter Hartman
Randy Gamwell
Rick Grossglauser
Ricky Dumas
Ricky Grossglauser
Robert Vacher
Roger St Ives
Roger St Yves
Roger St. Ives
Roger St. Yves
Ronda Degler
Roy Moore
Ruth Carol
Ruth Carrell
Sandra Dugan
Sara Martin
Sari Martin
Shannon Alsop
Sharon Jeffcoat
Sharon Van Maren
Sondra Armour
Sondra Martin
Stacey Plummer
Steve Besser
Steve Pas
Steve Peart
Steve Coffey
Steven Coffey
Susan Thompson
Tami Jackson
Teresa Lermer
Teresa Lirma
Tim Dill
Tim Haury
Todd Von Aesch
Tony Sellers
Tonya Overton
Troy Van Cleff
Vicky Ferris
Vickie Van Maren
Vickie Ladd
Victoria Ladd
Victoria Van Maren

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