EES had a plotline in mind for what occurred after the last book, but, as far as I can find out, never had any intention of writing it. Heinlein reports discussing it with him in some detail, but says he's unaware of any of the book ever having been written or even outlined on paper. EES made references to it on two occasions when I encountered him in person, but declined to discuss it in detail. Lloyd Eshbach reports that EES said "NO!" in capital letters whenever approached on the subject of writing sequels. The subsequent storyline seems obvious, since the encapsulation of the last book ("CHILDREN OF THE LENS") is addressed to any third-level entity capable of obtaining it and reading it, and the closing salutation refers to "your race;" this implies the existence of third-level species besides Kit and his sisters...... which means that Kit & Co. have replaced the Arisians and are guiding other civilizations into producing third-level minds, or have discovered or created a new race of third-level intellects. (Since the Children are genetically perfect, as EES keeps reminding us, inbreeding might not be dangerous, with no dangerous recessive genes to be expressed. Of course, there is no reason to presume the Children have any *need* to reproduce their kind; their species might well be effectively immortal.)

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