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Turn on your new channel. World Trade Center hit by possibly two jets. It certainly looks to be intentional.

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Hart Poll Finds 72% of PC Owners Would Purchase a More Secure Computer If Available

Wide Majority Willing to Pay $25 to $75 More For Trusted Cyber Space Experience

National Poll Data Conclusively Shows Consumer Fears Today Are Limiting E-Commerce Activity

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 11, 2001-- In a national poll of 811 personal computer owners released today, Peter D. Hart Research Associates has found that 72% would purchase a more secure computer if given the option by PC makers.

Once those surveyed learned more about possible security options, 84% said they would pay an extra $25 for a new PC delivering a more secure on-line experience and 57% would pay an extra $75, according to poll results. The margin of error for the survey is plus or minus 3.5%.

Privacy and security concerns inhibit consumers from purchasing more products on the Internet. About half of computer users (48%) say that they do not shop on-line because they are concerned about how their personal information will be used once it is released on the World Wide Web. Most other consumers (44%) are concerned about their privacy, but feel that the benefits of shopping on-line outweigh security concerns. These consumers would increase their on-line shopping if a more secure option were available, according to the survey results.

``Our survey results clearly show that Americans are letting Internet privacy and security concerns get in the way of fully using the potential of on-line shopping and other Internet e-commerce activities,'' said Geoff Garin, president and CEO, Hart Research. ``They clearly see the advantages of home-based shopping which gives them vast comparison, value and selection capabilities. But they are waiting for security and privacy technology to catch up with the promise of shopping in Cyber Space.''

Survey participants ranked sharing their credit card information as the number one concern in on-line shopping (44%). Among consumers surveyed who do not shop on-line, 46% say that using a credit card on-line is not safe at all.

If a technology were available to prevent the theft of credit card and other personal information on-line, 40% surveyed would ``much more likely'' use the Internet for e-commerce. In addition, 38% said they would be ``somewhat more likely'' to shop on-line.

In the survey, 66% of PC users said that secure on-line shopping was the most appealing aspect of having a more trusted or secure personal computer. Other appealing attributes included the secure storage of personal identification numbers (63%) and the ability to securely share information with friends on the Internet (54%).

The national survey was funded by Wave Systems Corp (NASDAQ: WAVX;, a Lee, Massachusetts-based developer of hardware and software security systems built around open, programmable processors for use in PCs, digital set top boxes and mobile devices. Respondents were commenting on a PC-based solution Wave expects to bring to market in the next several months.

(Media Alert: A news briefing on the consumer survey and Internet security and privacy issues will be held today at 10 a.m. at the J.W. Marriott Hotel, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, Salon 1. Guests include Geoff Garin of Hart Research; the Hon. Jim Moran, D-VA; Dr. Robert Thibadeau, director of the Internet Systems Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon University; Peter Bernstein, president, Infonautics Consulting; Steven Sprague, president and CEO, Wave Systems and other special guests.)
About Hart Research

Peter D. Hart Associates is one of the leading survey research firms in the United States. Now in its 30th year of operation, the firm has conducted well over 5,000 public opinion surveys and has administered and analyzed interviews among more than three million individuals. Hart Research's client list reflects virtually all major facets of society: business and organized labor, education and health care organizations, media and the journalistic community, public interest groups, as well as politics and government. In addition to North America, the firm has done work in Asia, Europe and Latin America.


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More signs that Q3 is looking better for wirefree:

In the linked post I said:

"Back in Q1 I suggested Wirefree would start a sustainable recovery in Q3 (calender), PC's in Q4 and telecom during the first half of 2002. Another piece of evidence is in that suggests phase one is correct. The following is from RFMD. As you read this consider that NOK has been a recently active customer and might be doing better than most think. I am slowly increasing my NOK as it plays in the $12's."

Today, NOK announced:

"Nokia Soars in Preopen as it Reaffirms Profit Target

By TSC Staff

09/11/2001 08:37 AM EDT

Nokia (NOK:NYSE ADR - news - commentary - research) was up 10.5%, the most active stock in preopen Instinet trading, after the company reaffirmed its third-quarter profit targets.

The world's largest maker of mobile phones said pro forma earnings for the third quarter will be within the previously stated range of 0.14 to 0.16 euros per share (12 to 14 cents). However, Nokia expects revenue for the third quarter to be about 5% lower than the third quarter last year, vs. earlier expectations of flat to 5% year-on-year growth.

Mobile phone sales are expected to be flat with the year-earlier period, the company said."

This certainly does not confirm a recovery or an ability to sustain a recovery. However, in this market, flat year over year sales is pretty good. Regards, pmcw

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Analog Devices' high-performance ADSP-219x DSP platform is
expanding to include two new fixed-point DSPs. The programmable16-bit DSPs are the second and third devices in ADI's ADSP-219x generation of products, which set a new standard for performance when introduced earlier this year.

ADI is now sampling two new low cost ADSP-219x DSP models - the ADSP-2195 and the ADSP-2196. The ADSP-2195 integrates 32K words of on-chip SRAM and 16K words of on-chip program ROM while the ADSP-2196 integrates 16K words of on-chip SRAM and 16K words of on-chip program ROM. The ADSP-2196 is the fastest DSP available today for less than $10.00 USD.

Customers can arrange to have the ROM programmed with application-specific code eliminating the need for an external memory device. This feature greatly reduces system cost in a broad array of applications such as:
* Modems
* VoIP Phones
* Speaker Phones
* Instrumentation
* Optical Networking
* Patient Monitoring
* Voice Activated Devices
* Internet Access Devices
* Remote Meter Readers

Memory Advantages
Since the two devices are pin-compatible with ADI's ADSP-2191, designers can develop multiple end products using a common hardware platform for an exceptionally fast transition to full-scale production. Furthermore, the ROM on the ADSP-2195 and ADSP-2196 DSPs is directly mapped into the program memory RAM region on the ADSP-2191. This feature enables developers to create custom applications on the ADSP-2191 and deploy these applications to the on-chip ROM of the new devices. This unique feature of the ADSP-219x family eliminates the risk of increased latency, which frequently impacts the performance of other ROM-based DSPs.

ADSP-2195 / ADSP-2196 Features
* 16-bit, fixed-point DSPs
* ROM security option
* Three serial ports
* Two serial peripheral interface (SPI) ports
* Direct memory access (DMA) controller
* One UART port
* General-purpose programmable flag pins
* 16-bit parallel and 16-bit host port interface

Development Tools
The ADSP-2195 and ADSP-2196 are supported by CROSSCORE(TM), Analog Devices' wide range of DSP software and hardware development tools. Available immediately, the ADSP-2191 EZ-KIT Lite(TM) evaluation system includes an ADSP-219x DSP evaluation board and evaluation suite of VisualDSP++ release 2.0, making it incredibly easy to begin development. Visit for a free test drive.

Pricing and Availability
The ADSP-2195 (Model ADSP-2195MKST-160X) is priced at $12.50 USD/unit in 10,000 unit volumes. The ADSP-2196 (Model ADSP-2196MKST-160X) is priced at $9.95 USD/unit in 10,000 unit volumes. Both products are currently available in mini BGA and standard LQFP packages. The ADSP-2191 EZ-KIT Lite (Model ADDS-2191-EZLITE) evaluation system is priced at $295.00 USD and is available for delivery now.

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Now they have hit the Pentagon.

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So I tired again....later.

IMO-The mkt/economic situation, as I see it is likened to satellite or space capsule (see Apollo 13-movie for a refresher). Right now that capsule is jostling erratically and Nasa is trying to find out the reason why. They are reading the peculiarities in the data being transmitted and the data suggests things are getting worse, however, objectively they still do not know why conditions are worsening. More sour data (oxygen leak) and crew sentiment deteriorating as the objective of the mission has been detoured, causes more emotion/psych to enter into mission--a bad sign. Dropping O2 was an x-factor not well calculated into the program at that time, all these factors along with a potential gyroscopic anomaly sets up sets up the mission for a target titled:Disaster. Hence, if you like, the mkt can be overlayed as a metaphor, to this model. . .Another test. . . With less semi-chips than this notebook (per pmcws' surmising) mankind brought home those guys by the virtue and skill of the human ability to overcome the difficulty because of the necessity. In like manner it is quite possible the mkt will recover, but there still exists the dilemma of what is actually causing so much of this instability, turmoil and so forth.........beyond, , , ,what is perceived to be the material warranted points of accepted reasons. In other words as I said with purposeful ambiguity earlier, there are influences/forces/energies if you will, that impair a certain functionality that was accepted as 'normal' in recent decades and this so-called normality has been jarred (see, unstable gyroscopes, also see the mkt spike/drop) it has a measure of credence as a telegraph so to speak, into other venues of humanistic dealings, everything is interrelated and the subtle things go by most unnoticed (see e.g. magnetic fields). I know it will seem a stretch for most but what the heck, these are my thoughts.
Right now, I am looking towards March 02, for a more stable platform, energetically speaking.

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Oh, it looks like we have X-Factors in play.

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Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, our

age of innocence is now over!

I just hope the President makes it back!

Good luck to us all, we are going to need it!


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The second tower of the world trade center just collapsed.

Post  27148  by  clo       Reply
A third explosion just occured in NY! One tower (South)collapsed,the entire lower manhattan covered with debris.

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German DAX-Index down 7.5% (eom)

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Just so that there is no confusion, I meant the second tower that had been hit was the one that collapsed. The other one could still be lost if the fires are no put out soon. Steel framed buildings tend to collapse when a fires get hot enough.

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Sears tower being evacuated along with other major buildings.
All planes are ordered to land, NOW.

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Whoa be to any fair weather pilot who is out there flying on visual flight rules with his radio turned off.

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Two planes crash into World Trade Center in apparent terrorist attack; no
word on deaths

NEW YORK, Sep 11, 2001 (AP WorldStream via COMTEX) -- Two planes crashed into
the upper floors of both World Trade Center towers minutes apart Tuesday in what
the President George W. Bush said was an apparent terrorist attack, blasting
fiery, gaping holes in the 110-story buildings. There was no immediate word on
deaths or injuries.

Within the hour, an aircraft crashed on a helicopter landing pad near the
Pentagon, and the West Wing of the White House was evacuated amid threats of

The president ordered a full-scale investigation to "hunt down the folks who
committed this act."

One of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center had been hijacked
after takeoff from Boston, a U.S. official said, citing a transmission from the

All planes were grounded across the country by the Federal Aviation
Administration. All bridges and tunnels into Manhattan were closed down.

The twin disaster at the World Trade Center happened shortly before 9 a.m. (1300
GMT) and then right around 9 a.m.

Heavy black smoke billowed into the sky above the gaping holes in the side of
the 110-story twin towers, one of New York City's most famous landmarks, and
debris rained down upon the street, one of the city's busiest work areas. When
the second plane hit, a fireball of flame and smoke erupted, leaving a huge hole
in the glass and steel tower.

People ran down the stairs in panic and fled the building. Thousands of pieces
of what appeared to be office paper came drifting over Brooklyn, about three
miles away.

"Today we've had a national tragedy," Bush said in Sarasota, Fla. "Two airplanes
have crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack on our
country." He said he would be returning immediately to Washington.

Ira Furber, former National Transportation Safety Board spokesman, discounted
the likelihood of accident.

"I don't think this is an accident," he said on CNN. "You've got incredibly good
visibility. No pilot is going to be relying on navigational equipment."

"It's just not possible in the daytime," he added. "A second occurrence is just
beyond belief."

Terrorist bombers struck the World Trade Center in February 1993, killing six
people and injuring more than 1,000 others.

Several subway lines were immediately shut down Tuesday. Trading on Wall Street
was suspended.

"The plane was coming in low and ... it looked like it hit at a slight angle,"
said Sean Murtagh, a CNN vice president, the network reported.

"I was watching TV and heard a sonic boom," Jeanne Yurman told CNN. "The side of
the World Trade Center exploded. Debris is falling like leaflets. I hear
ambulances. The northern tower seems to be on fire."

A senior government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the
agency is pursuing reports that one or both of the planes were hijacked and that
the crashes may have been the result of a suicide mission.

"It certainly doesn't look like an accident," said a second government official,
also speaking on condition of anonymity.

In 1945, an Army Air Corps B-25, a twin-engine bomber, crashed into the 79th
floor of the Empire State Building in dense fog.

In Florida, Bush was reading to children in a classroom at 9:05 a.m. when his
chief of staff, Andrew Card, whispered into his ear. The president briefly
turned somber before he resumed reading. He addressed the tragedy about a
half-hour later.

AP National Writer

Copyright 2001 Associated Press, All rights reserved


APO Priority=u
(WS SL:BC-US-Trade Center-Crash, 7th Ld-Writethru; CT:i;

Eds: UPDATES with crash near Pentagon, all planes grounded, one plane reportedly
hijacked from Boston. No pickup.
AP Photos

*** end of story ***

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Please give blood! EOM

Post  27155  by  clo       Reply
both towers are now collasped.
another hyjacked plane on its way to washington.
western pennsylvania also has been hit.

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Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

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The net is so busy that you can't even get any where.
This is some scary shiiitt. You have to wonder what's next.

Post  27159  by  TIN~ljhtkh       Reply
Yes, please give blood! It is something most Americans can do fairly quickly!


Post  27160  by  TIN~ljhtkh       Reply
Now there are rummors of not being able to reach the President!

Post  27161  by  clo       Reply
TIN~ljhtkh, they probably have Our President in the bunker.

Post  27162  by  TIN~ljhtkh       Reply
It is oddly comforting to see the Empire State Building shown in these scenes of the devastation!

We need now to look and take comfort in our heritage!

The Empire State Building was built by workers who had no idea where their next job was coming from once it was done! It took a direct hit from a plane during the 40's!



Post  27163  by  TIN~ljhtkh       Reply
Let's hope its our bunker!


Post  27164  by  oldCADuser       Reply
The president in on the ground in Louisiana.

Post  27165  by  oldCADuser       Reply
Know your enemy:,2633,20894,00.html

Post  27166  by  Culmus       Reply
Alleged bombing warnings on German Chancellery and Frankfurt Stock Exchange (already evacuated, not far from here). All skyscrapers closed.

Post  27167  by  clo       Reply

Deutsche Boerse says receives a bomb threat

FRANKFURT, Sept 11 (Reuters) - A spokesman for Frankfurt
stock market operator Deutsche Boerse said on Tuesday it had
received a bomb threat.
He gave no further details, but the evacuation alarm could
be heard in the background as he spoke to Reuters over the
The bourse earlier said it was suspending trading in
((Frankfurt Newsroom, +49 69 7565 1270,

Post  27168  by  TIN~ljhtkh       Reply
Now comes the "collateral damage" reports on the buildings surrounding the towers!

In Oklahoma City, there was a tremendous amount of damage to surrounding buildings.

The twin towers will not be the only casualties in this disaster!

Morgan Stanley had 50 stories rented! They are probably wiped out!

Someone reported that 70 percent of bond activity flowed through the towers!

It will simply take some time to even begin to come to grips with what has happened today! It has forever changed all of our tomorrows! There will be no American not affected by this tragedy!

There will be few people around the world not changed in some way or another by what happened today!

The age of the skyscraper is over!


Post  27169  by  oldCADuser       Reply

"The age of the skyscraper is over!"

Not to mention casual air travel.

I was scheduled to fly to Houston tomorrow and Chicago on Monday. About two hours ago we got notice from the corporate security office that ALL employees are forbidden from flying on any domestic or international flights until further notice and that all company facilities are to be put on full security alert limiting access to only company employees with proper ID. They have also started to review if they are going to keep certain high-profile offices open (they already closed our Herndon, VA office earlier this morning).

Yea, life will never be the same after this. I many ways, this must be what it must have been like for our parents and grandparents when they heard the news about Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Post  27170  by  kduff       Reply

Post  27171  by  TIN~ljhtkh       Reply

They only heard about the news!

The newsreals came much later and were heavily edited!

We are on new ground here!

Wait until you get the close ups!

CNBC just showed pictures of the towers still standing with what looked like thousands of pieces of paper floating in the air!

This nightmare is just beginning!


Post  27172  by  oldCADuser       Reply
Of course you are correct in that never has anything of this magnitude ever been witnessed before by so many people literally LIVE and in REAL-TIME. In this age of instant news and live video feeds, this is the way it will be from here on out.

However, that being said, in relative terms and for the norm of the times, I am sure that in many ways the Pearl Harbor news was just as devastating to many Americans as todays events have been for us.

Post  27173  by  huntforheads       Reply
Can anyone name the Companies that have their HQ in the towers???????

Post  27174  by  oldCADuser       Reply
Now the word is that Bush is on the ground in Omaha, NE. I assume that the old NORAD complex is still operating at some level of readiness. Could this be his final destination? If so, this does not bode well if it is deemed necessary that the President must go underground before the country takes action against the suspected perpetrators.

Post  27175  by  danking_70       Reply
Not only Morgan Stanley but also Cantor Fitzgerald

had offices in the WTC.

If you wanted to trade US Treasuries, you called Cantor Fitzgerald or used its online subsidiary eSpeed.

"The Company has over 650 clients, including the largest fixed income trading firms and leading natural gas and electricity trading firms in the world."

"Every day, $150 billion's worth of transactions in financial instruments is conducted on eSpeed's systems."

Different kind of pain coming once markets are reopened.


Post  27176  by  maldinero       Reply
Akamai Technologies Mourns the Loss of Co-Founder and CTO Daniel Lewin

 CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 11, 2001--With great sadness, Akamai Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:AKAM) today announced the passing of Daniel C. Lewin, co-founder, chief technology officer and board member of the Company. American Airlines confirmed that he was on board the Boston to Los Angeles flight that crashed in New York City today. Danny was 31 years old and is survived by his wife and two sons.
    George H. Conrades, chairman and chief executive officer of Akamai said, "Danny was a wonderful human being. He will be deeply missed by his many friends at Akamai. Our thoughts and prayers are with Danny's family, friends and colleagues during this time of national tragedy and personal loss."

    Akamai Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:AKAM).

Post  27177  by  TIN~ljhtkh       Reply
The Pearl Harbor participants knew they were potentially in harms way!

The folks back home could go volunteer to fight a known enemy! The Kamakaze attacks started in 1945!

We need to be very careful in our handling of this as a nation. Oklahoma City involved 150 plus people, and it was discovered pretty quickly that the perpetrators were home grown!

The casualties here may take your breath away! There are close to 300 people dead just from the four air crashes!

The inability to quickly do anything other than give blood may give way to far worse actions once this sinks in! Our nations capital was attacked!

The last time anything burned up in Washington DC from hostile action was during the War of 1812!

There were actions that could be taken in 1941 to relieve frustrations that cannot be taken now!

We need to be careful that, as a people, in a very frustrating situation, we do the right thing!
The right thing in 1941, and in 2001, are, IMVHO, far different things indeed!


Post  27178  by  Xpristo       Reply
The difference from Pearl Harbour is very important. At Pearl Harbour, you knew who did it and why. Here you start from scratch, I hope the blcak boxes are found.

Post  27179  by  clo       Reply
Bush to convene teleconference with top aides

SARASOTA, Fla, Sept 11 (Reuters) - President George W. Bush
on Tuesday planned to convene an urgent meeting of top national
security aides via teleconference from an air base in Nebraska
about attacks in New York and Washington, the White House said.
White House spokesman Scott McClellan was among aides left
behind in Florida after Bush departed in the wake of the
hijacked plane attacks on the World Trade Center's twin towers
and the Pentagon. After a stop at Barksdale Air Force Base in
Louisiana, Bush went on to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska.
"The president wants to return to Washington as quickly as
possible. He arrived in Nebraska as a security precaution. He
will convene a meeting of the National Security Council via
teleconference from the air force base," McClellan said.
He said Bush had talked to New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani,
New York Gov. George Pataki, New York Democratic Sen. Charles
Schumer, Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld and the president's wife, Laura.

Post  27180  by  danking_70       Reply

I'm sure that those charged with protecting the President gave the President no choice in the matter.


Post  27181  by  clo       Reply
As a result of the December 7 attack on Hawaii, military and naval
forces of the United States suffered 3,435 casualties; Japan, less than
100. We lost outright 188 planes; Japan, 29. We suffered severe damage
to or loss of 8 battleships, 3 light cruisers, 3 destroyers, and 4
miscellaneous vessels; Japan lost 5 midget submarines. The astoundingly
disproportionate extent of losses marks the greatest military and naval
disaster in our Nation's history. [35] The only compensating feature was
the many acts of personal valor during the attack.

[29] In addition 22 were missing in action, 2 died (nonbattle), 1 was
declared dead (Public Law 490), and 21 died of wounds. Committee exhibit
No. 5.

Post  27182  by  aka_pmcw       Reply
Misc news reports:

All from ABC - A stewardess on the Boston to LA flight reached people on the ground and said the plane had been hijacked and that two other aircrew members had been stabbed.

A passenger on the flight that crashed in PA called a 911 operator and said that the flight had been hijacked.

Every possible place in the Kansas City metro (from what I can tell, within at least a 50 mile radius of the city) where you can donate blood has people waiting in lines hours long. They are now asking that the people who can come back tomorrow or the next day to go home today and return later. I suspect this is the same all over the US and possibly in foreign countries.

Let's show the world that neither tragedy or fear of terrorism can tear America apart; it brings American's together with a resolve they could never imagine.

Regards, pmcw

PS: clo, I'm certainly glad to hear you are all right.

Post  27183  by  oldCADuser       Reply
No one should ever think that the World Trade Center was simply a "target of opportunity". It was calculated to have the biggest possible impact on WORLD financial systems. Also it should be noted that the hijacked planes were fully loaded with fuel being just airborne on transcontinental, non-stop flights. No, this was a very carefully planned and executed operation and has the signature of a single mind being behind it all.

Of course, we as a nation will need to be very careful to properly identify the person(s) behind all of this, but I believe that the biggest error made today, even though the WTC attack was horrendous, was the attack on the Pentagon. That will be seen by our military (and the President and Congress) as a DIRECT attack on the armed forces of this country and that will raise the level of the possible retaliation scenarios that I am sure are already being drawn up at this very moment. It will also mean that we could get more assistance from the military commanders of NATO and our other allies (and perhaps even some normally non-allies) in providing intelligence and perhaps even involvement in whatever operations that may eventually be fielded by the US.

Post  27184  by  aka_pmcw       Reply
Financial news:

European markets are down significantly. The German market drop is a record for one day. It was trading up before the news. I've heard nothing about when US markets will re-open and encourage all to remain confident in the US monetary, banking and investment systems - well, at least as confident as you were yesterday. The following report is a pretty comprehensive picture of the various news clips I've read thus far.

Regards, pmcw

NEW YORK (CBS.MW) - Treasury securities finished an abbreviated session sharply higher Tuesday as investors fled to super-safe U.S.-government backed securities when a morning of terror unfolded in the United States.

Both towers of the World Trade Center have collapsed after two planes crashed into the skyscrapers in what President George W. Bush called an "apparent" act of terrorism.

A short time later, part of the Pentagon near Washington collapsed when a plane allegedly crashed there. Several commercial plane hijackings dominated the news. Get the full story.

U.S. Treasury securities were snatched up as world financial markets were jarred after the attacks. The dollar tumbled against its major counterparts and stock trade was suspended before the opening bell.

The Bond Market Association recommended an early close after the terrorist attacks. U.S. bonds continued to trade in Europe until the end of the business day there.

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced around 11 a.m. EDT that all financial markets would be closed.

Details on trading for Wednesday weren't not yet known.

A 10-year Treasury note was up 29/32 at 102 6/32 to yield ($TNX: news, chart, profile) 4.72 percent or a loss of 11 basis points, to a January 1999 low. A 30-year bond rose 18/32 to 99 22/32, yielding ($TYX: news, chart, profile) a six-month-low 5.40 percent or a loss of 4 basis points.

A 2-year note was unchanged at 100 7/32 to yield 3.51 percent. Its yield earlier carved out fresh all-time lows around 3.25 percent. The security was first launched in 1972.

A 5-year note rose nearly a full point to 102 8/32 to yield 4.09 percent or a drop of 23 basis points, its lowest point in nearly three years.

Yields fall when prices rise because an investor is forfeiting some yield when they pay up for the desired fixed-payment security.

Major buildings in Washington were evacuated, including the Treasury.

Officials announced that the regular weekly auction of 4-week bills that was scheduled for Tuesday would be delayed until Wednesday.

The Federal Reserve assured financial markets that they would inject liquidity into the system in order to prevent a seizure of the money supply should there be a run on banks.

Treasurys had opened weaker with the stock market expected to rise. Stock trading on the New York Stock Exchange was delayed indefinitely. Read more in Market Snapshot.

The U.S. dollar has extended its slide on the news. The dollar is now down 0.6 percent at 120.26 versus the Japanese yen, and off 0.7 percent versus the euro at 90.45 cents.

Brent crude rose $3.20, or 12 percent to $30.65 a barrel on the International Petroleum Exchange.

The other flight-to-quality investment, gold soared 7 percent to its highest level in 3 1/2 months.

Gold for December delivery rose to an intraday high at $290, it's highest level since late May. It last traded at $280 an ounce, up $6.30 just after 9:30 a.m. Futures markets have been closed.

Post  27185  by  clo       Reply
Barbara Olsen, Ted Olsen's wife is reported to have been on the plane from Boston.It was said she phoned on her cell phone.
God so many lives will never be the same.
Prayers & blood donations are things we can do for now.

Post  27186  by  aka_pmcw       Reply
From Reuters:

Several top financial services firms have offices in the World Trade Center, including investment bank Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MWD - news), which is the building's largest tenant with 50 floors. Morgan Stanley's spokesmen, most of whom are based in midtown Manhattan, were unavailable for comment.

Switzerland's Credit Suisse Group and Germany's Commerzbank , Deutsche Bank AG , Cantor Fitzgerald and market data firm Thomson Financial, a unit of Thomson Corp., (Toronto:TOC.TO - news) also have offices in the complex.

Post  27187  by  aka_pmcw       Reply
Message from Morgan Stanley Chairman Philip Purcell:
We are all saddened and outraged by the attack on America today, and extend our deepest sympathies and prayers to all the people affected.

As you have seen in media reports, two towers of the World Trade Center have collapsed after a series of explosions.

We have limited information about the Trade Center disaster beyond what has been reported in the news. Our key focus and concern are for the well-being and safety of Morgan Stanley employees. Some 3,500 people working for Morgan Stanley's individual investor businesses were based in the World Trade Center complex. We are working diligently with local authorities, and we will keep you apprised of developments. A call center has been established for employee-related safety concerns at 888-883-4391.

We want our clients to know today that in spite of this tragedy, all of our businesses are functioning and will continue to function. We are committed to resume full operations as exchanges and markets reopen. All our clients should rest assured that their assets are safe and our Financial Advisers will soon be in contact with our individual investors to answer questions and address their concerns.

Institutional clients concerned about specific positions or operations should call their established contacts. For more information:

Post  27188  by  jeffbas       Reply
I have not been following the posts but need to get the following off my chest.

I live in the NY City area and expect to have lost folks I know. My wife was at the dentist this afternoon and a police officer came in, who said that they got a call from a man on the 101st floor of the WTC who could not reach his wife and called the local police to tell his wife that he loved her (before he died). My brother-in-law travelled through the WTC basement 10 minutes before the first plane hit.

Aside from sorrow for the victims, for our country, and for my teenage daughters who will always carry this horrible memory, I am very angry:

-What kind of airport security do we have that weapons can be brought on board and all these hijackings can occur?

-What kind of Air Traffic Control do we have in this country that material deviations from flight paths and no response from planes does not get immediate scrambling of jets? The 2 flights that hit the WTC were Boston to West Coast flights. There was at least 1/2 hour to send up jets to intercept the planes when those flight paths changed toward New York City.

-What kind of competence do we have in Washington that the crash into the WTC did not get soldiers immediately on the roofs of key buildings with missile launchers? The Pentagon was hit well after the WTC according to the TV.

As to the markets, aside from the immediate effect, I think this will have a chilling intermediate term effect on consumer spending and delay any recovery.

Post  27189  by  artsuh_taraz       Reply
It tolls for thee . .

Praying for the victims, their families, and their loved ones.


Post  27190  by  oldCADuser       Reply
The magnitude of this is just sinking in...

"Some 3,500 people working for Morgan Stanley's individual investor businesses were based in the World Trade Center complex."

The 3,500 possible casualties from Morgan Stanley represents better then 5% of the total worldwide employment of that company.

Post  27191  by  clo       Reply
jeff, my prayers are with you and your family.

Many of the members of my family work in NYC, I live about 35 minutes away.
I am eternally grateful that they are safe and accounted for.

Our Nations family is another story.
Your fear & frustration are understandable.
Vent all you need to. clo

Post  27192  by  oldCADuser       Reply
Please consider what you said...

"-What kind of airport security do we have that weapons can be brought on board and all these hijackings can occur?"

It is obvious that this was a very well coordinated and organized operation (and probably very well financed as well) and therefore it could have been in motion for weeks. Which means that individual pieces of a disassembled weapon could have been smuggled in by either travelers, airport employees or even people just pretending to be there to meet a flight. All it would take is a single, small caliber pistol per flight and the pieces could have been hidden anywhere in the terminal where they could be picked up just before the flight (who knows there may have even been accomplices in the terminal holding the weapons for the hijackers). No, I don't think security was at fault since there is NO true security that can protect one from the acts of a determined madman.

"-What kind of Air Traffic Control do we have in this country that material deviations from flight paths and no response from planes does not get immediate scrambling of jets? The 2 flights that hit the WTC were Boston to West Coast flights. There was at least 1/2 hour to send up jets to intercept the planes when those flight paths changed toward New York City."

I hardly think that there are fighter planes sitting on runways all over the US just waiting for some air-traffic controller to call in a panic that a plane is acting funny and might have been hijacked and could be about to crash into a major population center or landmark building. Again, there was really nothing that could have been done once the operation was in full swing and the terrorists were in command of the flight decks of the hijacked planes. Note that the four hijacked planes all left their respective gates a total of only 25 minutes apart. This alone should demonstrate that this was a very well planned and coordinated attack and that while we will be second guessing this day for months (if not years) to come, we must recognized that there was really very little that could have been done to prevent this once the sun had risen over the East Coast this morning.

Post  27193  by  clo       Reply
WTC building 7 just collapsed. eom. clo

Post  27194  by  dl_sa       Reply

I think you have this backwards. The military is always prepared to take an attack. The targeting of a civilians at such a scale is much more significant.

Post  27195  by  oldCADuser       Reply
I just read where they are already hiking the price of gasoline around the country. (This one will be of interest to PMCW) I heard that gas was up to $5 a gallon in Kansas City and $4 in Kentucky.

Post  27196  by  clo       Reply
explosions under way in Kabul Afghanistan eom clo

Post  27197  by  oldCADuser       Reply
What I meant was that the tone of the military response could possibly be pushed up a notch or two as the military planners will now go into this with more of a "war mentality" then if the symbol of the Armed Forces of this country had NOT been directly targeted.

Post  27198  by  Arkural       Reply
What an unfortunate circumstance of events. I think everyone should focus on sending positive thoughts directed towards those that were affected by this tragedy as well as those who have transferred from the earth plane. Maintain your thoughts and focus of love compassion or what have you, for at least 3 days minimum and up to 7 days.

Secondly~~AVOID, if you can, malicious thoughts of revenge, so-called justice and punishment, right now. This is only feeding the energy that was built upon, that enabled this catastrophe to occur. A tremendous unyielding effort was sustained to accomplish this.

Third~~You should all be prepared for a possible declaration of war by GW in the immediate aftermath of this shocking event. One terrorist group may be in Afghanistan the other in Palestine.

Fourth~~The mkt is up for grabs near term.

maniati~ I sure hope the banks can hold their own.

Post  27199  by  bel       Reply
History tells us how to stop this shlt.When you find out how did this' you kill everyone in there immediate family mom-dad brothers-sisters and there kids. If they don't care about them self' perhaps this would make them think twice.

Post  27200  by  smokesignals       Reply
bel..hate is an ugly monster, out of control. Be careful that you do not become it's prey.

Post  27201  by  aka_pmcw       Reply
Quite honestly, I'm having a hard time putting together a complete sentence let alone a coherent thought.

Got on the motorcycle and blew out - well, a lot of stuff. Lines at gas stations are similar to what we saw in the 70's, but prices are exactly the same as yesterday. Who knows what they will be tomorrow. There's tension, fear and confusion visible on faces everywhere even though we are over a thousand miles removed from ground zero.

Like all of you, emotions wash over me like waves in the ocean. I can only imagine what it must be like for those living in the "war zone" or dealing with this horror on a more personal level than all of us do by just being Americans. I'm pretty lucky I could get away for a couple of hours and felt so for every minute of the ride.

It's natural for our minds to work a thousand miles per hour for a while and then seem to just shut down, succumbing to numbness. At a personal level, there is no answer to the painful screams of "why!"

It's frustrating to feel so helpless and unable to help or change what has happened. If you have young sons or daughters, don't underestimate their emotions. They might be quiet, but they are scared and must feel violated. Felling safe is important to us all, but particularly so for our children. Don't let our enemy win by overreacting. May God bless and guide us all.

My Warmest Regards To All, pmcw

Post  27202  by  clo       Reply
This attack is stunning, and to have the sun shining made it feel more surreal.

Tonight I watched The Congress sing God Bless America, we now have an enemy, other than ourselves.

We will unite, and become stronger. At least something good can come from such horrific losses.

We have lost 200 firefighters so far, and about that many police.
God comfort the families and friends. clo

Post  27203  by  Starfleet       Reply
It's easy at moments such as this to believe all is lost. That our way of life and innocence have disappeared forever But nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, this attack and the reaction to it by the American people is a magnificent reminder not of our weakness but of our strength. The most wretched enemies of our country have struck their deadliest blow and yet here we stand, together-as one Nation and One people still ready and eager to build a future for ourselves and our children. Unbowed, unafraid and still standing tall.
Our buildings have fallen, we will rebuild them. Our sons and daughters and friends and families have been murdered. We will remember them. Our values and courage have been tested and they have been proven unshaken. With our resolve intact still we go forward-one nation, one people.
Once before, at the start of another epic national struggle it was said nothing has been accomplished but to awaken a sleeping giant. That has happened once again, with all the terrible consequences it meant for those that threatened our way of life. And to our enemies there is this-we spit in your eye and swear you will be defeated for never has each and every one of us ever, ever been more proud to be an American.

God bless the American people and God bless the United States of America.

Post  27204  by  bel       Reply
smokes don't take me wrong . I'm one that will threw a spider out of the house instead of killing it.(BUT) in the second war the H bomb ended it and that saved lives.

Post  27205  by  oldCADuser       Reply
When I drove into my neighborhood tonight there were American flags on better then half the houses (mine when up within minutes after I arrived). The guy across the street, who is a bit a militia type, had his revolutionary "Don't tread on me" flag up as well (he flies that one on national holidays while the rest of us make due with the Stars & Stripes). I think I will leave mine up until this matter is RESOLVED.

Post  27206  by  Userisme       Reply
pmcw: I was in Britain during the blitz and what has occurred in NY happened nearly every night in every big city in Britain, especially London. What happened to people in the UK is that people seemed numbed at first and then the numbness turn to quiet, steely resolve. The more the nazis bombed the more resolution the Brits seemed to develop. Of course, in those days the Brits were very much a cohesive one people nation. Last year I read a report by the then head of London's police subsequent to race riots wherein he said that on one council estate (what we call project housing) his policeman had to deal with immigrants who spoke 140 languages and dialects. Given the number of people from foreign countries here I wondered about the cohesiveness of the American general public if we were under a national threat.

Post  27207  by  Userisme       Reply
Bel: And so you should. There was a little rhyme, you don't hear it now, but it was popular when I was a child, it went:

"If you want to live and thrive,
Let that spider run alive."

BTW: It was A bombs not H bombs. H bombs weren't invented until after WWII. I share your sentiments though, I think we should temporarily stop immigration from Islamic countries, subject anyone visiting from an Islamic country to strict visa requirements and if we find out that a country has been aiding and abetting the people who committed this outrage, turn that country and everyone in it into cinders. Make it clear to any country that harboring terrorists is too expensive a proposition to contemplate. I just heard that the markets will be closed tomorrow. I think they should leave them closed for the rest of the week. Let things settle down.

Post  27208  by  oldCADuser       Reply
That may take an act of Congress...

"I just heard that the markets will be closed tomorrow. I think they should leave them closed for the rest of the week. Let things settle down."

I believe there is some sort of federal law or regulation that states that the major markets can NOT be closed for more then 3 consecutive days (including weekends). My understanding is that that law/regulation was put in place to make it harder to manipulate equity prices without giving shareholders a chance to react.

Post  27209  by  jerrkowa       Reply
Jeff- You left out of your message the issue of our intelligence failure. As has been pointed out in the press, we almost totally rely on technology rather than human intelligence. This has to change.

Post  27210  by  jeffbas       Reply
Starfleet, I agree with the concept that buildings can be rebuilt. However, these particular ones will not, in my opinion. A memorial park is appropriate.

(I never would have imagined not having that view of NY Harbor again.)


The US is in a tough position with bin Laden. Bush's statement tonight about not distinguishing between the terrorist and the country harboring him is telling, appropriate, and possibly hollow talk. The USSR had little success with that particular country, and had much better than a second rate military.

Post  27211  by  clo       Reply
FWIW, Asian market, Japan 9774 down 5.0% off their lows.
Hong Kong 9541 down 8.4%
Singapore 1456 down 7.0%

Post  27212  by  Userisme       Reply
oldCADuser: I didn't know that. Be interesting to see what happens. I knmow you are an ME. One of my sons is too (math, physics, civil,) he calculated that the each plane's mass x velocity would have given a force at impact of 8500 tons. Further, lending support to what you said about the heat factor, he said that the inner cladding of the world trade centers was made of aluminum which is very combustible after a certain temperature is reached. He also said that because of the structural design it was easier to bring down the towers by striking the upper storeys rather than the bottoms.

Post  27213  by  aka_pmcw       Reply
UIE, I appreciate hearing both the news and the stories of comfort. The news reels of Churchill leading his people were amazing. There is an excellent statue of Mr. and Lady Churchill by a fabulous shopping area in KC called the Country Club Plaza. It sits peacefully at the sight of where a bridge was destroyed during our flood of 1977 that killed over 100. The thought of 100 times that and at the hands of terrorists, is absolutely devastating.

For the same reasons as you mentioned you might suspect it a bit more difficult to galvanize the will of so many cultures. However, from what I've heard, it didn't take a Churchill or any real leadership - just people wanting to help people; risking their life for someone they never met. The leaders at ground zero were average Joe's and Jane's. Those paid to aid in emergency and those just compelled to help. Human nature at its best!

I through Mayor Gulliani did a wonderful job this evening delivering a very clear, compassionate and comforting message. A very difficult job to address issues and still comfort a city just shaken to its soul. He had his data, he conveyed status, a plan and, IMO, left the greatest amount of assurance one could expect. He rose to the occasion.

Gulliani praised his fellow citizens for not taking advantage of the pandemonium by looting or resorting to street crimes. At the close of his talk, he clearly added, with his patented glare of meaning beyond words, the police and those involved with consumer protection would "be on the streets" during the coming days and quickly deal with any who took advantage of shortages and hiked prices.

This is obviously very different from other mass hysteria situations in big cities. This is different from anything any American has ever faced. In one quick beat of the heart, diversity and disagreement disappeared and was replaced by the kindred spirit that has made America great. We're too far from the war zone to give first hand help, but our blood is in transit, our flags are flying and our prayers for those on the front lines are frequent. Regards, pmcw

Post  27214  by  aka_pmcw       Reply
jer, I agree with you and Jeff on this point and feel we will quickly see much of the old power of the CIA returned. It is probably needed more today than it was during the cold war. The price we pay for (with) "freedom" and security. Regards, pmcw

Post  27215  by  oldCADuser       Reply
It appears that at least one of our offices has been affected by todays events. It was just announced the in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that the Petronas Towers (the tallest buildings in the world) was evacuated due to a bomb treat. Our Malaysian operation is housed on the 63rd floor of Tower Two (I was just there 2 weeks ago and the view from that level was tremendous). Apparently it was just a false threat, but it appears that they are taking no chances and have closed the building for the rest of the day. I would expect that we will see this kind of thing for a few days as the wackos get off on seeing their handiwork being reported on the various national and international news feeds.

Post  27216  by  Arkural       Reply
UIM-It is likely before you arrived here in printed fashion, you may have missed plenty of discussions here I was involved in regarding very negative vibes pointed to the U.S. The latest (I wrote to ECM--I also mentioned that survival will become very important down the road), which you may have seen was in reference to my view of possibly one and/or two countries directing their aggressive nature towards the U.S. This is China and/or Russia. But after looking further into this matter I found that the key (attack) component was missiles (air power) directed at the U.S. and the communist emblem they wore. If these attacks today were sponsored, in some way, by either of these countries, it will likely not be brought out to the surface of public knowledge and it may be so well woven that it will be never identified (i.e JFK assassination----equally well planned, equally devastating and conspiracies on this level never find the light of:truth-be-told=====also, today's event does not really equate to the utter devastation of Pearl Harbour though it may carry some portion of it, only in similarity to the surprise element--the enemy was instantaneously identified....a very different time as well)

The epiphany for folks to look at, then comprehend, then understand and then accept, is that #1 There is no security in a material world, rather it resides in that which can be found inside oneself themselves and #2, the world is populated by powerful pockets of virulent and malicious entities/people, inclusive of the U.S., especially during the more recent decades and there are NO boundaries when it comes to certain diseases in life,,,,, whether jealousy, selfishness, hate, greed or what have you. All of them are a spinning wheel propelling one another with a vision much less than a bat. Still, they are potentially potent. Furthermore hardly has there ever been, to my limited knowledge, any life time, any civilization (that can be documented) that portrayed a lifetime of secure homes and white picket fences, disease free, corruption free, tryanny free etc. Why should it be different now, especially with more atrocious warfare capabilities than has ever been recorded? Much of it represents the highly ambiguous state of fear in the world. This new terrorist-fear cycle goes beyond the cold war version.....and technology is the enabler.

Since you have evidently established your longer term experience in life, longer than most here I gander, I will ask you not to ask me how I derived the above missile scenario but instead, for you to look back into certain obscure intelligence methods if you care to, that were deployed in WW2 as well as other wars, including the Civil War in the U.S. I am mentioning this to you not as a pompous gesture but as a reminder and since you have seen, at the third degree burn level, some of the horror mankind can invite upon itself your kind could very well be in demand futuristically speaking because.........those that have the experience and ability to stay cool under pressure will be needed. Imo, you or anyone else should not covet your abilities should the above conditions ever arise. In fact you may have been doing all this all along in which case let this comment pass by you with nothing more than acknowledgement rather than any other thing.

One thing for sure, there is incalculable power in the people, when moved together as ONE, such was the case in WW2 and such will IMO likely occur in our lifetimes.................................the chance to re-gain what so many are really seeking but never speak of................................a life that does not judge but loves one another instead, its a big horse pill to swallow, the next pill may be even bigger. As always the choices remain within our power to decide...........................when a fork in the road approaches only one path can be taken.

Post  27217  by  aka_pmcw       Reply
Not that there is a parallel, but the following S&P500 data might be of interest to some:

Year    Open     Close     Div     Div %

1940	12.49	10.58	 $0.67 	5.4%

1941	10.58	8.69	 $0.71 	6.7%

1942	8.69	9.77	 $0.59 	6.8%

1943	9.77	11.67	 $0.61 	6.2%

1944	11.67	13.28	 $0.64 	5.5%

1945	13.28	17.36	 $0.66 	5.0%

1946	17.36	15.3	 $0.71 	4.1%

The P:E was 8.4:1 at the close of 1941 and 16.4:1 at the close of 1946. These represented the low and high P:E's for the periods listed. When measured in dollars, earnings dropped year over year in 1940, 1941, 1943 and 1944. They were up in 1942, 1945 and 1946.

Regards, pmcw

Post  27218  by  clo       Reply
Two Port Authority Policemen have been pulled alive from the rubble.
There are others that have called on cell phones to loved ones, giving their location.
They are working very hard to rescue them.

Our Mayor has been shaken to his core. In his address to the people, he related recently having a party to recconize a fireman for his lifetime service. Especially the service this man did in Oklahoma after the bombing.
This was a friend, one of many the Mayor has with the men & women in our City. Very sad. clo

Post  27219  by  Job       Reply

Here are a couple of reasons why I feel that the US will fare far better against bin Laden / Afganistan then the Soviets did during their 1980's campaign:

1) US resolve in fighting bin Laden / terrorism will be much firmer then the former USSR's resolve in terms of "spreading communism" to the Middle East.

As the Japanese learned when they conducted their sneak attack against Pearl Harbor, the US is a sleeping giant that should have not been disturbed. Todays cowardly attack against innocents on our home soil is far worse then the aforementioned attack against our military forces on a then US territory. The US population got a taste of what the rest of the world has been experiencing for a number of years now, and I don't think that they will take it lying down.

The Soviets, meanwhile, engaged themselves in a war that their people really didn't support. Sure, spreading communism worldwide is a goal, but whose goal? The governments? Certainly not the average "Mikhail", who barely got by (during the 80's) living in substandard housing, and dining on as much cold borscht and stale rye as he / she could stomach.

In addition to low support for the war at home, morale within the Soviet military is much lower then it is in the US military. The former USSR required manditory military service for all men during the Afganistan campaign. All Soviet / Russian men must serve a 2-3 year military commitment. After this initial commitment, people may choose to stay in the military, but the number that do is very low (due to low pay and deplorable living conditions).

So what does that leave the Soviets with, a mixture of troops with poor attitudes, a home population that doesn't support the war, and an enemy that is fighting for their independence from an aggresor, and you have the makings of a real mess (if you speak Russian).

2) The US will have the support of the majority of free world, whereas Soviet Russia did not share this support during their campaign.

The US already has been promissed the support of Isreal and Great Britain, and I am sure that other countries will offer any and all assistance that they can provide.

Russia NEVER had this level of support from their own countrymen, let alone from the outside world.

OF course, the US efforts to root out the organizers of this terrorist act (and to stamp out future terrorist activity) won't be easy, nor will it be a "one-time" affair. I do feel, however, that because of the world-wide reaching affects of this sort of terror, that the US will be far more successful with their efforts then the Russian were with their communizing efforts of the 1980's.

Post  27220  by  Arkural       Reply
"A billion stars go spinning through the night
blazing high about your head
but, in you is the presence that will be
when all the stars are dead."

-Maria Renier Rilke